red abbott

Location: United States
Website: www.finalsite.comt

Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:
  • Identification and Application of Technology Systems
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Strategic Planning (in relation to communication and web development)

After a (very) brief role in the dot-com bubble, Red Abbott spent 13 years in American independent schools as a teacher, coach, advisor, and dorm parent. He now leads the Consulting Services department at Finalsite, an industry-leading web solutions and services company for independent and international schools and organizations around the world.

An enthusiastic advocate for the integration of digital tactics into school marketing efforts, Red is a sought-after presenter who uses his teaching experience to translate jargon-filled domains into terms that make these topics accessible to the school audience.n, a learning management system to enable blended learning and flipped classrooms, and internet marketing services.   

Business Strategy and Goals:

Red's focus is on helping schools maximize their online visibility in the ways that allow them to succeed in recruitment, retention, staffing, and fundraising. He spends most of his time working in the realms of search, social media, digital advertising, and site analytics.

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