Eowyn Crisfield

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Email: eowyn@crisfieldeducationalconsulting.com
Website: https://www.crisfieldeducationalconsulting.com/

  • Appraisal and Professional Development
  • Curriculum Design

Eowyn Crisfield has been working in the field of language education for over 25 years, and in international education for much of that time. She began her career as an ESL teacher, working in Canada, France and the Netherlands. After complementing her practical teaching experience with an MA in Applied Linguistics, she turned her focus to developing bridges between second language acquisition research and practice in language-related areas of education. Eowyn is an active member of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (including Language Learning and Teaching; Languages in Africa; Language Policy; and Linguistics and Language Knowledge in Education Special Interest Groups), as well as AAIE, ECIS and NALDIC. She has maintained accedited status with the Society for Education Consultants since 2012.


Eowyn is a certified primary/secondary teacher in ESL/EFL and has graduate level specialisations in bilingualism, bilingual education, sociolinguistics and teacher training. She has worked as a specialist teacher, curriculum coordinator, language department coordinator, academic development officer, and as a lecturer in undergraduate English teacher training programs.

She initially started her consultancy to work with internationally living families, and from this developed her popular blog (onraisingbilingualchildren.com) and her “Parents as Language Partners” program, which includes seminars and family language planning. She began working with schools directly in 2008, and over the years has developed a wide portfolio of professional development programs pertaining to languages in schools. She continues to combine research and practice, with a focus on case studies and ethnography of languages in schools. Her goal is to make the voices of learners and teachers heard in research and to provide accessible, research-based innovation for schools.

Areas of Expertise

Eowyn provides a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of international schools regarding language:

  • School audits and advising
  • Program development or revision
    • Bilingual/immersion programs
    • EAL/ELL
    • Home languages
    • Host country languages
    • Foreign languages
  • Professional development
    • “Every teacher is a language teacher” whole-school CPD program
    • Specialist CPD for language teachers and EAL/ELL teachers
    • Translanguaging Pedagogy in International Schools (training and coaching)
  • “Parents as Language Partners” program

Books and Book sections

  • Linguistic and Cultural Innovation in Schools: The Languages Challenge (with co-author Jane Spiro): Palgrave-Macmillan, 2018
  • Motivation Research and SLA: Bringing it into the classroom. in Pawlak, M. (ed.). 2012. New perspectives on individual differences in language learning and teaching. 217-232. Berlin: Springer-Verlag

Journal articles

  • “Every Teacher is (not) a language teacher”(International School Magazine, Sept. 2017)
  • “Do we need to change our approach to Mother Tongue?” (International School Magazine, April 2016)

Speaking engagements

  • Eowyn is a regular speaker at both research-focused and practice-focused conferences and symposia. More information on upcoming events can be found on her website

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