Ali Yucad

Location: Turkey

Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:
  • Independent University Counselling

Ali Yucad has been an educational consultant at HorizonIstanbul, the leading coaching and independent counselling centre in Turkey, for over 15 years. He started his career in education while still in high school and learned about college search, college entrance test preparation, talent identification, and differences in educational systems as he experienced the application process both as a student and assistant part-time counsellor. In 2002, he was offered a full-time position upon graduation. Since then, he has become a very popular Study Away counsellor at HorizonIstanbul. He is perfectly equipped to counsel students applying to the UK, US, Canada, and Europe. His specialist area is Canada.

HorizonIstanbul is dedicated to providing accurate information and effective guidance for students aiming to study outside their home country. Students are meticulously made aware of all of their options as they apply to high schools, undergraduate and graduate programs, certificate programmes, and summer schools in the US, Canada, UK, and to English-speaking programmes in Europe.

Ali Yucad believes in first-hand experience and travels to at least 25 schools per year, attending information sessions and taking campus tours at universities in US, Canada, UK, and Europe. His first-hand observations of student life in the different universities are of great help to Turkish students as he can relate to their needs and prospective experiences as a person who comes from the same culture. He is a member of CIS, ECIS and OACAC and regularly attends their sessions. He is passionate to learn as much as he can about the rapidly evolving world of education where it is imperative to follow up on changes. He believes that it is only a well-informed and objective counsellor that can provide effective guidance to his students, both graduate and undergraduate. He has hosted many university representatives from US, Canada, and UK in Turkey and organized student info sessions for them to let Turkish students learn about university life overseas.

Ali Yucad graduated from Uskudar American Academy in 1996. His interest for quantitative fields led him to study electrical and electronics engineering as an undergraduate (BSc from Isik University, 2000). In 2002, he received his MBA degree from Sabanc─▒ University.

Recently he has dedicated a lot of his time and efforts to the creation of the StudyAway platform, which is one of the few websites where one can find detailed information about all of the universities in the world in eleven languages. He is now working on activating the counselling platform of the website with the objective of reaching out to students around the globe as a virtual Study Away counsellor.

HorizonIstanbul currently benefits from Ali Yucad’s expertise in management and IT, giving him a variety of responsibilities as financial manager, IT specialist, college counsellor, and instructor. He admits that each duty has helped him to develop different skills and working one-to-one with students is what satisfies him the most.

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