Bernadette van Houten

Location: The Netherlands

  • Curriculum Design and Delivery
  • Intercultural Competence

Bernadette van Houten, director of Consultants Intercultural Communication in Amsterdam, has an academic background in communicative disorders and education (MA, California State University, San Francisco), with later specialisation in intercultural theory (US), and medical anthropology (the Netherlands).

She was born in England, raised in the Netherlands and Belgium, and received most of her primary and secondary education in the United States where her family lived on both the East and West coast. 

Bernadette has many years of experience teaching deaf and hard of hearing students in the US and Guatemala. Furthermore, she taught various subjects, including EAL, at all grade levels at international schools in the Netherlands and on the island of Aruba.

In 1991, Bernadette founded her consultancy practice for intercultural communication, diversity and cross-cultural management. Her consulting services range from building cross-cultural teams, to expanding personal and leadership skills to include cross-cultural dimensions, and the acculturation and inclusion of expats leaving or returning to their home country. She has had extended training and advising contracts in Mexico, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Lithuania.

In addition to her consulting practice, Bernadette has been a lecturer in cross-cultural management in the Netherlands with Webster University and the University of Leiden since 1998. She is a speaker and workshop leader for faculty at international schools, universities and other international organisations around the world.

Bernadette has consultancy status with the Council of Europe and in 2007 was accepted as a member of the International Academy for Intercultural Research. 

Specifically for international schools, Bernadette can help with:

  • in-set days for faculty of international schools and international programmes
  • intercultural learning through the curriculum
  • intercultural learning for youth and youth trainers

Furthermore, she offers coaching and training in cross-cultural competence and cultural interpreting, management strategies for cross-cultural teams, diversity in the workplace, business ethics, and cross-cultural conflict management. Consulting services, coaching and training can be offered in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.

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