Jon Moser

Location: United States

  • Identification and Application of Technology Systems
  • Leadership Training (in relation to communication and web development)
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Strategic Planning (in relation to communication and web development)

As CEO and founder of Finalsite, an industry-leading web solutions and services company for independent and international schools and organizations around the world, Jon Moser is passionate about web trends and strategies that impact the education field. For over fifteen years, Moser and his company Finalsite have been committed to providing cutting-edge web technology to schools in 75 countries.  He is a frequent advisor, keynoter, presenter, and blogger on topics such as mobile technology, social media, flipped classrooms, Internet trends, and other web communication topics.

The Finalsite web marketing and communications platform provides award-winning website designs, best-in-class web software, and integration with 50+ ed tech partners.  Products include an intuitive website management tool, a robust, paperless enrollment solution, a learning management system to enable blended learning and flipped classrooms, and internet marketing services.   

Business Strategy and Goals:

  • Focused upon developing powerful, flexible, and user-friendly web software for educational organizations.
  • Continue to work hard to understand the current and arising technological needs of schools and the constituent groups they serve. This understanding will guide the development of products and services into the future.
  • Will always regard clients as the centerpiece of our business, and will work to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust with each one.
  • Believe a process of honest self-evaluation and continual improvement is critical. Our successes will not become obstacles to our search for ways to improve.
  • Encourage cooperation and communication by maintaining a non-competitive, team-oriented work environment.
  • Respect and value individual commitment to family and faith. Our business practices, policies, and the atmosphere of our workplace reflect this.

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