Marie Davis

Location: Switzerland

Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:
  • Appraisal and Professional Development
  • Student Wellbeing: Protection, Safety & Security

Marie has spent her entire career teaching, counseling and consulting in the international school environment. She started as a classroom teacher but quickly recognized the inherent struggles of growing up, compounded with the dynamics of international lifestyles, necessitated counseling services in the areas she worked. Determined to fill a niche, Marie completed her masters and doctoral work in the areas of counseling psychology and school psychology. This enabled her to commence independent consulting services to the many international schools in Switzerland, where she resides.

Marie works in various schools administering educational-psychological assessments and emotional/personal counseling. On this path, she realized yet another lack of resources revolving around special needs children. She has since trained in the area of sensorimotor development, offering basic therapies to kids with sensory processing issues (oculomotor dysfunction and retained reflexes). She also works with schools and families to develop systematic programs for learning needs, such as dyslexia and attention. One of Marie’s hobbies is exploring the current brain research and applying it to the many aspects of education, development and personality. She presents workshops on neurological preferences (personality) and its effect on learning, teaching, management/leadership and personal relationships. She has presented at ECIS on several occasions and invited to several international schools to contribute to professional development.

Marie never lost the desire to teach and enjoys instructing master’s level courses for international educators with Endicott College, based in the USA. She teaches child and adolescent development, innovative practices in education and reflective seminars. She admitted that in teaching, she probably learns more than the educators sitting in the course!

Marie lives in an alpine village in Switzerland. She has a young daughter, not yet in the school system. Marie waits to see how her perspectives evolve as her daughter passes through the primary years, knowing that parenting offers yet another, unique dimension of education. 

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