John Heard

Inspired by his student teaching practicum at the Overseas School of Rome, John was determined to make a career of international education. 

After a teaching stint near Boston, Massachusetts, John moved to London where he worked for the American Community Schools as a teacher/principal.  Later he was secondary Head at the American School of The Hague for ten years.  Finally, John was given the opportunity to move to Turkey where he was appointed Director of Üsküdar American Academy in Istanbul, one of the country’s most prestigious private schools. 

John has served on a number of boards and has presented at major conferences around the world.

John has seen the CIS accreditation service evolve from the 7th Edition protocol to the 8th Edition and now with the new model which is being introduced to member schools. 

Based in Florida, he works mainly with schools in the Americas but has had assignments in Britain, Europe, Japan and Kazakhstan.

John has a keen interest in the working dynamics of bilingual schools as well as the evolving educational technology scene which is affecting the way we all learn and interact.  He continues to believe that accreditation plays an extremely important role in the long term development of all schools. 

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