Award Recipients

Awards for individuals

Wasan Al-Balushi, 17
Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Cancer awareness and fundraising for charities and, as Head Girl, one of the key organisers of International Day and Pink Day, among other events.

Wasan has been involved in many events both in and out of school. On Pink Day, the cancer awareness event, Wasan has led the school body superbly. She was an excellent ambassador in putting the cancer awareness message across to the student body by poster and verbal dissemination. In International Day, Wasan was part of the team to festoon the school in a myriad of colour and then usher parents and dignitaries for the celebration. She was also responsible for the organisation of seating and helping to organise the student body into the different countries represented.

Alisar Awwad
The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: Empowering an underprivileged section - mainly women and children by giving them culinary and music skills.

During her years in India and at the British School, Alisar connected with many local people including underprivileged women and children through music and other activities. She took the lead in the work with one specific group, the ‘Annapoorna’ school, and through the school’s outreach programmes spent hours teaching music and culinary skills. The skills taught had a specific purpose--to empower the women by giving them skills and an avenue to learn. They became more vocal and aware of their environment and were motivated to improve their skills. In order to do this work and communicate with the groups, Alisar learned Hindi as well.

Farah Abdelhameed, 18
The British School of Kuwait, Kuwait
Project: The Spring Carnival

Farah has devoted an incredible amount of time and effort in seeking to ensure the success of the Spring Carnival initiative. As well as coming up with the initial concept, she has overseen the many demanding aspects of planning, promoting, organising and hosting the entire thing. For the second year running, Farah has spearheaded the organisation of this event, motivating and leading her fellow students in raising both funds and awareness for worthy causes. This year the beneficiaries of the event were the Teenage Cancer Trust (UK), the British Liver Trust (UK) and an underprivileged school in the Tawal region of the Nepali Himalayas.

Hasith Balapatabendi, 17
Overseas School of Colombo, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
Project: Pursuit of Happiness & Secretary General COMUN

Hasith Balapatabendi was the Secretary General for COMUN 2015, the 4th largest MUN in Southeast Asia and the largest MUN in Sri Lanka. He worked with various international and local schools throughout Sri Lanka in organizing and overseeing the entire three-day event, bringing together over 400 students to debate global challenges. Hasith has also established the Pursuit of Happiness Project, a community project which “spreads awareness about people and places in need, through the medium of visual biography, which connects ‘you’ with seemingly far away realities and provides opportunities to make a difference”.  The Project’s blog shares these stories throughout the world. Hasith has mentored younger students during the year who will continue his project once he leaves OSC.

Azim Baruno, 15
Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Fundraising for Cancer Awareness

Azim was selected as one of the largest fundraisers for Pink Day – the National Cancer Awareness Day. Azim was a front runner in this, organising and fundraising, involving himself with many people in the school and local community in order to raise awareness and funds.

Javier Enrique Duque Malpica, 13
Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Charity Fund Raising

Javier has consistently shown throughout the academic year 2014-15 to demonstrate a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of all nationalities within Muscat International School. He has used his position on the School Council with great effect, particularly during our Annual School Charity Carnival in which the stall he was running raised a significant amount of money for local charitable causes, for example, Cancer Awareness, Disabled, Children's Cancer Ward at the Royal Hospital, leprosy patients, Ramadan Food Collection for Eid.

Arnold Foda, 17
The Awty International School, Houston, Texas, United States
Project: Community Service & Africa 21 Think Tank

The purpose of Arnold’s project was to help others better understand the problems associated with the protection and promotion of sustainability in Houston and around the world.  His work with Africa 21, whose main emphasis was on these problems in the emerging nations of Africa, increased his desire to return home to see what he could do with his new found knowledge.  He brought the ideas that he learned through Africa 21 back to his fellow classmates, and they started a club whose mission was to feed and help shelter the homeless here in Houston. The issues they dealt with are typical of problems that many countries face today.

Isabelle Fortuna, 18
International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Project: Operation Smile Club

Izzie has been the face of Operation Smile at ISB for the past 3 years – ever since she became an officer – and an active member since her freshman year. Under her inspired leadership, the Operation Smile club has raised hundreds of thousands of baht to provide operations for children in Thailand with cleft lips and palettes. Izzie has spearheaded such popular fundraising events as the Color Run for Smiles, Tape a Teacher to the Wall, and Panther Runs. The goal is to provide a better quality of life for children regardless of religion or ethnicity in all countries. And, as befits the club she runs, she does it all with a beautiful smile!

Zeyu Hu, 18
NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: Maeramit Village Development Project

A group of NIST IS students engaged in development projects that gave Maeramit hill tribe village in Omgoi, Chiang Mai a safe source of water for the first time ever, worked with the locals to build 8 families their first ever toilet and bathroom, and donated a lot of educational supplies. Zeyu has been a very charismatic leader of the group and has engaged extremely well with all participants. He has interacted superbly with the Thai hill tribe people, liaised with adults from development organizations and local hospitals, and facilitated meetings of villagers although many of them only speak their indigenous Karen language.

Jang HyeSung, 18
Renaissance International School Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Project: Model United Nations: Journey from Delegate to Deputy Secretary General and Leader

Over the course of the last 6 years, Sung Jang has developed from a delegate at Model United Nations Conferences into a young man who has taken MUN into other schools in the region. He has helped train student leaders from other schools and has spent countless hours supporting MUN students from all over Saigon in their preparations. He was instrumental in the organization of the last two Saigon MUN conferences and held the position of Deputy Secretary General at the last regional conference with close to 400 participants from various countries. It is entirely student led and organized and Sung was instrumental in organizing this.

Jahnavi Kothari, 12
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India
Project: Art from Behind Bars

Jahnavi is a core member of the group ‘Art from behind Bars’ that raises funds to buy art material to send to artist prisoners interred in various jails. She has actively helped fund four exhibitions and participated in promotional rallies for each. For the last prison art exhibition Jahnavi visited the Nashik Jail to interview three artist convicts for our publication “Surrealist….a collection of short stories and verse inspired by art from behind bars”. She also used the information from these interviews to make a short documentary on the impact art has had on them in prison life. Jahnavi helped organize the format of our press conference for the last AfBB art exhibition and book launch and supervised the other participating youngsters. Although the media presentation was planned in English she was able to spontaneously change to Hindi when required.

Gabriela Mikolajczak, 12
Pechersk School International, Kiev, Ukraine
Project: CAS Programme

Gabriela is an outstanding participant in the school's CAS programme, supporting and leading programmes that range from building shelters for animals at a local dog shelter, making and handing out sandwiches for the homeless, and this year, delivering food, clothing and blankets to one of the many new refugee centres that have sprung up outside of the city in response to the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. In addition, she is particularly sensitive to making new students from around the world feel at home at school and goes out of her way to befriend students at all grade levels and of all nationalities.

Jerome Peter Agana Santos (Rocky), 18
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: ‘Looking to the Poor’ South-East Asian Conference

Rocky was part of the Service Team that organised this year’s ‘Looking to the Poor’ Conference. In his role as Stage Manager and Assistant Director of this event, Rocky was charged with stage management and worked with a team to create audio-visuals and voice-overs. The conference involved months of planning and resourcing, and coordinating with participants from many South-East Asian countries. Many of Rocky’s activities as a Youth Leader in the catholic community in Thailand involve organising activities and leading youth assemblies and camps for members to improve their life skills. His sustained efforts and service are commendable.

Kristina Sarkisova, 16
Moscow Economic School, Moscow, Russian Federation
Project: Make-A-Wish program

Kristina was the leader of the volunteer group for the program “Make a Wish”. The purpose of the program is to bring children with disabilities in touch with advocates, to aid them in fulfilling their wishes. As leader of the group, Kristina spent time with the children, communicated with people from all over the world, and demonstrated excellent organisational skills. 

Shyam Sunder, 17
Pathways World School, India
Project: The Power of One

Shyam has been an active volunteer for the Ekal Vidyalaya foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing education and village development to rural India through the establishment of single teacher primary schools. He took part in a social media contest hosted by Harvard Model United Nations India and won the contest and received a generous donation for the NGO. He organized a visit to Amrakhavas, a tribal village in Rajasthan and interacted with the residents to understand the economic and social challenges faced by them, and to experience the Ekal classroom environment.

Nikhar Tandon, 14
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India
Project: Foundation Samvedna

Nikhar Tandon’s Foundation ‘Samvedna’ has adopted the Bamanwada slum at Vile Parle East and especially the Municipal school there. She has conducted activities with them, including an art workshop and a donation drive at her school to collect stationary items for the students of that school. Nikhar also interacted with the older group of people there and sponsored cataract surgeries as part of her medical camp. This involved organizing a celebrity-attended function to raise a substantial amount for the medical camp, interacting with the people at Bamanwada, getting to know their problems, writing to doctors to volunteer their services, executing the plan and finally taking 7-8 older citizens to an eye hospital for their cataract surgeries. 

Poohpha Warakulnnukroh, 11
Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: Participation in a wide range of events in The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) competitions.

Pooh has demonstrated the true spirit of internationalism whist representing our school in a range of FOBISIA events, including the International Games and Maths Competitions. He has very ably lead his culturally-diverse team through the stresses of the competitions and has been an exemplary captain and leader during the sports events. Pooh is without a doubt committed to initialising and maintaining quality interactions with students of different nationalities within our international school as well as when representing BKKP around the globe. 


CAS Trip Organisers
Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bahrain
Project: CAS Charity Trip to Cambodia

In preparation of the CAS charity trip, the students organised multiple fundraisers three months in advance. With the funds raised, they purchased gifts for the children of the school, disability centre and orphanages they visited. The students visited “Hope Island" where they renovated local huts, planted trees, painted a part of a new vocational centre and distributed a month’s supply of food. They also visited two orphanages and a disability centre where they played with the children and gave out gifts. Students kept a journal reflecting upon their experiences. Following their return they shared their photos and reflections with the local community.

Lower School Student Council and Students
ACS Hillingdon International School, Hillingdon, United Kingdom
Project: Making a Difference

The lower school students at ACS Hillingdon come from all over the world and join together to make a difference. They show international-mindedness and focus on making a positive impact on the lives of others and they continue to do this in different ways each year. Among the projects they have run, are: a Holiday Jumper Day which was held to support Save the Children and their work with children from 120 different countries; a spirit week, where staff and students were able to dress up to support two organizations, the Wildlife Aid Foundation and Comic Relief. The students have also focused their efforts on raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the world's leading children's hospitals. 

Students of Grade 3B
École Mondiale World School, India
 Funds for local orphanage

Student Names:
Aditya Srivastava, Anav Agrawal, Amyra Suri, Arav Bhathija, Ayaan Lamba, Khushalli Shah, Kashyan Damani, Maliha Ajbani, Muzammil Kapadia, Rhea Ghosh, Schenelle Saldanha, Varya Gala, Vivan Kuwadekar.

The Students of Grade 3B demonstrated empathy with the local community and chose to raise funds to donate to a local orphanage. All cooperated and committed themselves to this mammoth effort of earning money and spending it wisely which involved interacting with parent representatives During the project they communicated in English, Hindi and their mother tongue.

Buyuk Kolej, Ankara, Turkey
Özel Büyük Kolej, Ankara, Turkey
Project: Prevention of damages of natural disasters

Zehra and Ezgi did a research on prevention of damages of natural disasters. They visited areas hit by the 2011 Earthquake in Turkey and had interviews with the people affected by the earthquake. They made a presentation on the prevention of damages to their peers at school and also in an international youth forum which took place in Hidaka High School in Japan. They exchanged ideas with youths of different cultures, backgrounds and traditions from all around Asia.


PWSA-PYP Fund raising activity
Pathways World School, India
Project: Fund raising activities and initiatives for the victims of Nepal earthquake
Student Names: Abbhinav Shriram, Chehak Sehdev, Aishwarya Sehdev, Ruhani Rathi, Ashrey Jain, Ujjwala Singh & Shaurya Jain

The earthquake in Nepal, April – May 2015, sent shockwaves in the international community and assistance poured into the hilly country from all over the globe. While the financial aid poured in, the Primary school students of Pathways World School, Aravali, also undertook fund raising activities for the victims. They held stalls selling Orange Tang, Iced-Tea and cupcakes in a shopping mall and their residential societies.

A shining example of benevolence and internationalism, the funds collected have helped in construction of classrooms in Nepal where children can go to school yet again.

The Power of 9 - Global Challenge
The Hutchins School, Australia
Project: Power of 9 - Global Challenge Water for Draiba
Student Names: James Britton, Austin (Austin) Chan, Harvey Chilcott, Baxter Crawford, Angus Evans, Harrison Grant, George Halliday, Lachlan Hart, Truen Johns, Hugh Jubb, Jordan Kable, Neil Law, Declan Lee, Liam Mead, Brentyn Muir, Sembeyan Muthu, Luke Paton, Will Polley, Mitchell Rickards, Samuel Ryan, Quillan Spaulding, Nicholas Stenning, and Isaac Trail

For the last 2 years students have been developing a relationship with communities in the Fijian highlands. It became apparent that a concern for Draiba residents was access to clean drinking water. As part of their Global Challenge, the students chose to try and assist in tackling this problem. They contacted the community leaders in Fiji, seeking guidance and approval to assist in improving access to clean drinking water for Draiba. The positive outcome led to the students researching options for providing clean water and brainstorming ideas on how they could help. They teamed up with Waves 4 Water, and through them purchased high quality, easy to install, household water filters. Funds were raised by visiting local businesses and talking at events in the local community and school assemblies. A website was created which people could follow and was updated by the students. The students became advocates for clean drinking water and were successful in purchasing enough filters for each household in the village. The filters were presented to the village leaders and the students were involved in information and training sessions with the community. The monies raised from their sale went into a Draiba community fund to support ongoing water infrastructure development.


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