Leadership Search

CIS supports the school board and leadership team in making their most important decision – the selection of a new school head, principal or divisional leader. We consider it crucial to fully understand your school and what you need – we take the time to meet and interview members of the whole school community. With knowledge of your key requirements and critical successful factors – drawing on our recruitment expertise – we interview candidates thoroughly to determine if their experience, skills and principles are aligned; the foundation of a successful partnership. The reach of the CIS network includes contacts and candidates throughout the world.

CIS is accountable and experienced in recruiting and placing leaders in schools offering international education throughout the world. CIS staff work diligently to ensure each international leader we recommend is highly qualified, committed to excellence and ready to lead your school community. We identify and nurture emerging leadership talent, recognising that the leaders of the 21st century will be different and will need greater level of intercultural competency and technical skills. CIS is ready to bring about and support change, utilizing a fresh approach is energetic, positive and upbeat.

CIS offers a balanced approach to the selection process to assist school boards in their selection and appointment of new heads of schools. CIS will personally discuss with the search committee the precise nature and extent of the support needed. The degree of involvement by CIS is dependent on a school's particular needs and a search programme and fee will be customised to the specific requirements of the school board. By using CIS to help with the recruitment process, your school can focus on making the right hiring decision.

CIS member schools should log into the CIS Community Portal for more information on starting a leadership search or by sending an inquiry to leadershipsearch@cois.org.

Our search process

With more than 35 years of recruiting experience, CIS has a proven process for recruiting leaders for schools internationally. We work with individual schools to customise the search and recruitment process based on the needs of the school. Our support lasts throughout the search process and into the first year of placement.

  • Visit member school to meet with all stakeholders
  • Identify critical skills and experience
  • Develop an effective vacancy notice with school
  • Distribute vacancy notice throughout CIS' extensive network
  • Target a wide range of leadership candidates who demonstrate good fit
  • Manage all applications, including confidential references and criminal background checks
  • Review each applicant for matching qualifications and experience
  • Conduct job specific interviews to understand candidates' motivation
  • Present complete portfolios of best-match candidates to search committee
  • Advise and assist with final on-campus interview process
  • Assist in benchmarking compensation and contract preparation
  • Provide immediate consultation throughout transition
  • Check in with school leader during first year

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