Standards & Indicators

A school which embarks on CIS Accreditation is evaluated in the light of its own Guiding Statements, as well as the CIS Standards for Accreditation.

The Accreditation process ensures that the school is aligned with the demanding CIS Standards in all areas:

A.Guiding Statements
B.Teaching & Learning
C.Governance & Leadership
D.Faculty & Support Staff
E.Access to Teaching & Learning
F.School Culture & Partnerships for Learning
G.Operational Systems

It should be noted that the CIS Standards for Accreditation are designed to ensure that a school is offering an international education of high quality. The Standards contain many references to three ‘Driving Ideas’ which urge the school to be:

  • mission driven and vision led (the importance of the school’s own Guiding Statements);
  • heavily focused on Students’ Learning and Students’ Well-Being;
  • committed to internationalism/inter-culturalism to foster global citizenship.

However, the Standards do not pre-suppose any specific model of excellence nor do they seek to impose the methods of one school upon another. The underlying principle of this process is that a school will be evaluated in terms of its own Guiding Statements. (i.e. Does the school deliver what it claims to deliver to its students?).

Since September 2010, all schools entering a new accreditation cycle have been using the 8th Edition of the ‘CIS Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation’ (©2010) and its Standards, now in Version 8.2. Please download the 8th Edition Standards & Indicators.

The 8th Edition was developed jointly, and the copyright is held, by CIS and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). The other organisations which operate collaborative partnerships with CIS have approved the use of the 8th Edition in joint evaluation processes.

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