A series of workshops to raise awareness and improve practices within school and university communities

CIS has enlisted a team of child protection experts to educate and support leaders, counsellors and teachers in preparation for the global implementation of core Accreditation Standards for Child Protection. Schools will gain a broad understanding about building a robust safeguarding programme in our foundation workshops and then go in-depth on topics in our Deep Dive Workshops. All workshops offer strands based on your role in an institution. 

Register for one or both workshops. Participants are strongly urged to attend a Foundation Workshop before registering for a Deep Dive Workshop.

CIS Child Protection Foundation Workshop a comprehensive overview

An initiative to prepare international school communities for the implementation of newly adopted Accreditation Standards for Child Protection

  • Ensure school communities possess knowledge and understanding of the signs and risks of child abuse.
  • Develop understanding and common interpretation of the new Accreditation Standards to support the development of effective policies and practices.
  • Focus on challenges facing school communities as they strive to interpret various cultural attitudes and actions in addressing forms of abuse.
  • Defining and Understanding the Causes and Practices of Sexual Abusers - Identifying Problematic Sexual Behaviour in Young People
  • Empowering Student Voice: Developing Awareness and Self-Protective Skills
  • Managing Allegations / Investigating Abuse in a School Community

Strand 1 for School Leaders: School Policies and Practices - Implementation

    • Accreditation Standards: A Guide for Implementation
    • Child Protection Audits, Policies and Practices
    • Identifying, Establishing and Managing a Multi-Disciplinary Team: School Structure
    • Crisis 101: Leadership in Action
    • Effective International Recruitment and Selection Practices

Strand 2 for Counsellors, Nurses and Teachers: Curriculum, Education and Student Support Services and Outcomes

    • Identifying Abuse and Handling Initial Disclosures
    • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
    • The Impact of Child Trauma on Learning: Describing the Long-Term Impact of Abuse on Educational Outcomes and Adult Life
    • Current Best-Practices in the Treatment of Child and Adolescent Traumatic Stress
    • Working with Families in Diverse Cultural Settings to Discuss Abuse

CIS Child Protection Deep Dive Workshops

 in-depth training for those who have completed initial training

The Deep Dive workshops are for those who have completed foundation workshop.

Strand 1 for School Leaders

  • Day 1 - Implementing a Child Protection Programme: Develop a model for your institution
  • Day 2 - Managing Allegations and Investigating Abuse                                                            

Strand 2 for Counsellors

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS*), including case consultation
*Certification program for counsellors and psychologists

Strand 3 for Educators, Counsellors, Nurses and those responsible for the design and delivery of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Student Well-being (2 days)

  • Develop knowledge and skills to teach Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to children and young people within international schools
  • Review and evaluate the latest international research on CSE in schools, including World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations
  • Educating parents, addressing abuse within diverse cultural settings, practical classroom methods, practices and resources
  • Empowering student voice - developing awareness and self-protective skills
  • Examine cultural differences in key areas related to child abuse and neglect; practice ways to address challenges in real-life situations

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