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If you’ve ever attended one of our Higher Education events, you will have noticed the fondness and collegiality that extends over our networking tables. Our university admission representatives love our guidance counsellor members. And our guidance counsellors love our admission reps. These bonds often start in one part of the world and can last for years, through various global relocations and career moves. 

So what happens when an admission representative wants to switch sides of the desk? As a part of the CIS community, they are surrounded by a very supportive network of schools and counsellors. We spoke with some of our members that have made that leap from university admissions to university guidance and found an …

Posted by CIS on Monday October 16
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developing your intercultural competency in your career search

It’s time to take another step forward in your career, for personal and professional growth. Let’s assume you are open-minded and eager to learn from being immersed in another culture. How do you maximize the opportunities this offers by becoming interculturally competent? And, what is intercultural competence anyway?

Chances are that if you’re interested in teaching abroad, you’ve considered the potential pitfalls and opportunities that intercultural communication can invite. (At least, we hope.) But diving deeper into intercultural competency will help you be more prepared to form relationships in a new environment and do your job at its fullest potential. For a definition of intercultural competence, it seems …

Posted by CIS on Tuesday September 19
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Culture and Learning - A new and engaging questionnaire tool to support international educators

by Peter Welch, Director, International School of Helsinki

This year, CIS continues its groundbreaking research into the relationship between culture and student learning and communication preferences. Working in partnership with my school, International School of Helsinki, our shared ambition is to provide students, educators and school leaders with relevant, accessible information on the cultural dynamics in our communities. We want to provide an engaging, practical tool that helps us work effectively within culturally diverse schools.

Last year, about six thousand students worldwide piloted a new online questionnaire. This questionnaire draws from cultural theory and applies this to common learning and communication situations in…

Posted by CIS on Thursday August 31
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Unintended Outcomes of Service Learning: Being on the right side of the tide

by Ann Straub, International Advisor, Council of International Schools

The Council of International Schools has at its core, global citizenship. A vital aspect of global citizenship is taking action to benefit humanity in order to create social sustainability. This action often manifests itself in the form of service learning. What better way to engage our students than with helping other children around the world? However, as stated by Emmanuel Werner from Friends-International, an NGO with programs in South-East Asia and Switzerland, “Service learning has to be done the right way. It is recognized that good intentions are not enough and volunteering may cause more harm than good if not well thought out.”

Emmanuelle goes on…

Posted by CIS on Thursday July 20 at 15:09
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The Self-Study Process

By Neil Bunting, Greenfield Community School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Having just completed the self-study process for accreditation at Greenfield Community School (GCS), Dubai, I thought it would be useful to share some of the benefits of the process for our school, and also, from what I have seen from other schools that I have visited as part of the visiting team.

First, and foremost, the self-study process enabled all of our school community – all stakeholders – to contribute and give their opinion and thoughts on life at GCS. These contributions were invaluable in establishing a 360-degrees, holistic view of the school.


The schools that I have observed that have made the best use of the self-…

Posted by CIS on Friday July 7
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